Biggest Turn-offs for Buyers

Biggest Turn-offs for Buyers

When selling your home, appealing to buyers is obviously important, so what are the main issues which put buyers off? Research commissioned by Go Compare Home Insurance shows the biggest turn-offs for buyers…

Bad smells and signs of dampness

Top of the list of things likely to put buyers off were cited as damp stains and bad smells. 69% of buyers said that damp stains on walls and ceilings would be their biggest turn-off and 63% saying bad smells would be the thing that would put them off most. Smells like pet odours, food odours, cigarette smoke and damp are those most often cited as a deterrent. No real surprises there! Damp in particular is often considered to be a visible indication of a hidden problem and it is very off-putting for purchasers, especially those who are relatively inexperienced house buyers.

A fixer-upper?

For some, the prospect of taking on a property which needs a lot of work is a bonus, being able to make their mark on a dilapidated property is certainly appealing to some, however 59% of those surveyed said that they would be most put off by a property in poor state of repair. A neighbouring property being in a poor state of repair would also be a big problem for 43% of those surveyed.

Even if a house is not in need of major renovations, a sense of a property having been poorly maintained and being unkempt is off-putting for many. A dirty property was seen as off-putting for 46% and poorly executed DIY efforts would deter 38%

It seems buyers are largely able to see past issues like internal decoration not being to their taste with only 14% saying that they would be put off buy outdated decoration or dodgy carpets.

Do kitchens and bathrooms sell houses?

40% would be deterred by a small kitchen and 24% by an outdated kitchen. So, you are better off with a larger kitchen, even if it is outdated! The kitchen is often considered to be the most important room in a house so it is worth doing what you can to improve it when selling. For tips on updating your kitchen, even if you have a really small budget – see our blog.

Step into the light…

A dark interior is off-putting for almost half of people. Maximising light when selling your property is really important. If your windows are small, consider replacing curtains with blinds or make sure curtains can be pulled well back away from the edge of the window reveal to let a bit more light in. Cleaning windows can also make a room feel much lighter. A light filled room is always great when people are looking around a property to help to give a feeling of space. On a dull day, put lights on inside for viewings if you need to.

Outward appearances

As we have mentioned many times in our blog, the outside space can make or break a property for many. Poorly maintained boundaries and scruffy, overgrown gardens top the list of offences which are likely to have a detrimental effect. Stone cladding on the exterior of a property is also pretty unpopular, with 31% saying it would put them off. See our recent article on updating your garden and also how to create Kerb appeal for tips and advice on smartening up your exterior.

Of course, no house is perfect, and most buyers will put up with some minor flaws or areas of the property which are not totally ideal for them if the property is otherwise right, after all, many of us can’t necessarily afford our dream home and have to make some compromises somewhere. As a seller, you can improve your chances of a quicker sale if you pay attention to the areas mentioned here. Fixing up minor issues which are problematic need not be massively expensive, but they can often have a big impact on buyers in creating a good first impression. This is especially important in a slower market or where you are facing lots of competition from other sellers.

If you are interested in selling and you would like a valuation or property consultation, get in touch with your local Seddons branch.

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