How to choose your agent

How to choose your agent

How do you know which estate agent to choose?

It is important to choose your estate agent for all the right reasons.

Estate Agents cannot survive without property to sell. Some agents resort to dirty tactics in order to get your business.

Over valuing

In order to get that all important signature on the marketing agreement, some agents will simply tell a seller what they want to hear. Then when you are lacking interest they will persuade you to reduce the price. Reducing the price could be damaging to the marketing campaign and achieving the best possible price. The other way to gain secure your business is to charge less money. This is very tempting but will only mean that service levels will drop. Less money, fewer staff, weaker marketing.

We believe in charging a fair fee and providing an honest valuation. If you choose to try at a higher price, we will be very happy to do so and will give it our all but at least we can sleep easy at night!

So…. Here are the latest figures

You will see how many properties that we have been asked to sell and in the same period, how many properties we have agreed sales on.



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