Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure

The history of Estate Agency

Over the years, estate agency has changed dramatically, with the introduction of the property portal that we are all so used to using. It seems unbelievable that 20 years ago, Rightmove did not even exist! Estate Agents had to use the tools available at the time in order to generate interest in a property and achieve a sale. Buyers would register with agents so that they could be the first to know about properties coming on to the market. Many buyers now rely upon property listings on the internet and would prefer not to register with agents.

What are you scared of?

We understand

The chances are that you have experienced a sales pitch from an estate agent doing all they can to persuade you that the property is perfect for you when you know for sure that it just won’t be suitable. It’s more than you can afford, it’s in the wrong area, it is simply too small. At Seddons’ we do our utmost to match the right property with the right people. We don’t want to waste your time, the sellers time or our time.

Full transparency

Whilst the property portals are a powerful advertising tool; Rightmove also offer us a further benefit – We can see how we compete against the other agents.

We have nothing to hide. We work hard and provide an excellent service to both sellers and buyers. I am happy to disclose our selling statistics on a regular basis so that you can truly see how we compete against the other agents.


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