Seddons Guide to selling your home in winter

Seddons Guide to selling your home in winter

Selling you home in Winter?

Winter is traditionally not considered the best time to sell your property.  Often things are not looking their best in the garden, it can be wet and muddy and grey skies don’t do much for even the most attractive property.  With the distractions of Christmas looming it may seem like trying to sell your home at this time of year is a non-starter.

Don’t Despair!

All is not lost though… We take the view that, although there may not be as many buyers around in winter time, those who are looking tend to be more serious and determined to find a property.  This means that they are more focused on decision making and making things happen.  A scarcity of available property at this time of year can also work in your favour as there is less competition from other sellers.  Whilst the period immediately preceding Christmas can be quieter, the new year usually brings a new wave of motivated buyers – if you are already on the market, you will be in a great position to take advantage of this before everyone else.

Make it cosy

When selling in winter, turning the weather conditions to your advantage is a useful tactic.  Concentrate on making your home feel welcoming and homely when potential purchasers are viewing.  If you have a fire or a wood burner, do make sure you light it.  There are few people who can resist the lure of a real fire. As well as adding warmth it can also add brightness to a dull day.

If you are out during the day, and your agent is doing the viewings make sure you set the thermostat on your heating so that the property stays warm.  A property which feels cold when you come in from outside is never welcoming.

Make it sparkle!

Prepare for viewings by turning on lights and lamps in all the rooms to combat low light levels.  Making sure your windows, bathroom and kitchen and sparkling clean will also help to make your property brighter and more welcoming.

Tidy the garden

Your garden is never going to look at its best in the winter months. Make it look as good as possible by having a bit of a blitz.  Cut back dead perennials, rake up the leaves, mulch the flower beds and give the lawn a final cut.  It is also a good idea to cover or put away your garden furniture and barbecues. Pots with brightly coloured winter flowers or elegant evergreen shrubs can also help to brighten up your property in winter.

Far from being the worst time of year to sell you house, winter can actually bring good opportunities for both motivated sellers and buyers.  If you are interested in selling your property – don’t wait for spring, get in touch now for a valuation.  If you are not quite ready to sell yet,  but would like some information about selling in future, don’t worry; you can still take advantage of a free property consultation from one of our experienced valuers.   Get in touch with your local seddons branch for more information or to make an appointment.

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