Making it work for YOU

Making it work for YOU

Sam Froud from Seddons Estate Agents looks at the property market as we begin the relaxation of the lockdown restrictions.

Property market….

Now we are entering the post-lockdown world, the press and various industry pundits will comment on the property market. Some will say that property prices will fall. Some will say there won’t be enough buyers or sellers. Some will try and talk the market up, and some will talk the market down.

Property is about living

The commentators will make the property market sound like the stock market. But the truth is, no one can be clear what the market will be like in the months ahead – none of us have been here before. In any case, for most people, property is more about living than investing.

That is why home sellers and buyers shouldn’t try and overthink this market as a whole but focus instead on what is right for them. Then they should find the property that will suit them best for the future.

What is important to you?

Some people need space for working from home. Some require proximity to family, friends and a network of kindly and like-minded neighbours. Some people will have re-evaluated what is really important in their lives: they might need to change their space, amenities or location. Whatever the reason, we are here to offer a first class service, that is right for YOU.

Best advice

We fully understand the financial importance of buying and selling property. But we also understand that first and foremost moving is about what will suit individuals best for their particular lives. So as always, we are dedicated to offering the best advice for YOU, not the market.

We are here

If you would like to discuss any aspect of selling or to arrange a free property consultation, please get in touch with your local Seddons branch.

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