How Seddons use digital channels to promote your property

How Seddons use digital channels to promote your property

Modern estate agency has changed a huge amount in the last decade or so, almost entirely due to the appearance of Rightmove and other property portals on the scene. Prior to the move online, estate agency certainly involved a lot more paper, as well as a lot more visitors to the office! Whilst there are some disadvantages to the reliance on Rightmove and other portals, digital channels also offer great marketing opportunities which can be seen as being in addition to, rather than instead of the more traditional ones.

Here at Seddons we are very much in favour of good, old fashioned, customer focused estate agency – we are also keen to embrace all the advantages which are offered by the various digital channels. So, how do we leverage digital to market your property?

Our own website

With more than 50,000 page views on our website in March alone, this is one of the biggest online channels for getting your property in front of prospective buyers and tenants. As well as the property portals, all the property we have available is shown on our own website along with useful area guides and helpful articles for buyers, sellers and landlords.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

As far as social media platforms are concerned, Facebook has the largest user base, with over 30 million people (that’s around half the UK population) actively using the site, and 45% using it ‘several times a day’. Posting the details of new properties on Facebook can be a great way of getting a property in front of a lot of people quickly and we often use our Facebook accounts to showcase property and information from our website. In March 2019 a single Facebook post of a property directed around 80 views of those details on our website in just one day. Twitter attracts over 18 million users in the UK, the majority of which are under 34 years of age. This is another social channel where we feature properties for sale and for let.

Whilst again, not on the scale of Facebook – Instagram is still a valuable network and provides a brilliant medium to promote properties in a very visual way. Instagram is a great place to feature photogenic properties. Popular amongst a slightly younger demographic than Facebook, Instagram users are very active on the platform with many users visiting multiple times per day. We often feature property on Instagram, along with a direct link to the property on our own website.

Posts on all the major social networks can be boosted, which is a great way of promoting property to a wider network of potential purchasers, this is especially good for property which may be of interest to buyers from out of the area.

Property Portals

It goes without saying that we utilise the huge reach of the major property portals to market property online. We know that a lot of purchasers and prospective tenants set up alerts to be notified as soon as property that matches their search criteria comes available. Rightmove is the most used of all the property portals with an enormous reach and as many as 21 million daily page views! As well as offering access to buyers, Rightmove also offers great back end access to estate agents which helps us see the stats for each individual featured property. This can offer valuable insight into who is looking at your property online, which photographs are popular and whether people are clicking through from results to your individual property.

At Seddons we aim to use all the advantages from online channels as well as providing old fashioned, face to face service in our network of local branches, offering property searchers, sellers and landlords the best of both worlds. For more information on marketing your property, and to find out how we can help – contact us or pop into your local Seddons office (we still like actual visitors!)

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