Getting in Gear 

Getting in Gear 

Seven weeks into lockdown Rob Hann from Seddons looks at how Coronavirus has affected life in the property market.

We are still busy

Throughout the lockdown, our team have been working remotely. At first we thought there would be little to do. How wrong we were! The past four weeks have been surprisingly busy. First there were the existing property sales we had to see through to completion. Even in lockdown we have been able to do this within strict Government guidelines. Then there are the sales that we had only just tied up when the lockdown began which we have been keeping a close eye on. It is encouraging how many buyers and sellers have been keen to keep to their plans – even though they will have to add months to transaction times.

Be ready for the post pandemic bounce

We are now busy working with those who are already planning new lives beyond the pandemic. We are advising on marketing and guidance on property value, subject to final inspection. We also have many potential buyers who have penciled in viewing appointments for when the lockdown is over.

We are in this together

Of course, it isn’t fun. None of this is: for anyone. The virus has changed our lives and the lives of everyone with whom we work. But despite working remotely our team is working together. We are working with our vendors and landlords, our buyers and our tenants and we would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout these difficult times.

Working together is what sets us apart.

As a keen cyclist, albeit a slow one, I liken working through the pandemic to riding a bike up a very steep hill. We have had to change gear and pedal harder! We will probably change gear again before this crisis is over. One thing is very certain; we will be in the right gear when it’s all over.

We are here

If you would like to discuss any aspect of selling or to arrange a free property consultation, please get in touch with your local Seddons branch.

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