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to our Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection
Well, what a fantastic Summer and Autumn is set pretty fair too.
Amusingly, when people start a conversation with me, they more often than not ask me if I’m ‘busy’ or ‘how’s the market doing?’.
The weather may be discussed later!
In our Summer edition, I noted properties being snapped up with demand high and supply not so prolific. Now, I’m pleased to report the supply has caught up and there are a good number of properties on the market for potential buyers and tenants and deals are being agreed across the board. These are despite thoughts of economic uncertainty around a suitable Brexit deal, the interest rate increase or simply folk out and about enjoying the fine weather.
Whatever may affect the market, the market is never ‘dead’. Farmers taking livestock to market rarely bring them home again, they sell them at the price the market can bear on the day – the right price.
Whether selling or letting, accurate pricing of our properties, proactive marketing and regular reviews of progress, ensure we achieve the best price for you– the right price.
We would be pleased to advise further and look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, please enjoy our Autumn/Winter Property Collection showcasing what’s available in the current market. conclude, I am busy and the market is doing fine!
Rob Hann

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